Beginners Guide to Reading


So obviously this post isn’t for the people who run book blogs/vlogs and are reading this because clearly you don’t need any of my help in the reading department. This post is for the people who’ve never read a single full length chapter novel in their lives but are trying to change their wierd ways. This post is for the dear readers who stumbled across my blog and wondered how this strange breed of creatures could possibly exist on the Internet with the seemingly sole intent of flailing about books.

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Mega Best-Selling Authors…. Are They Worth Reading?


For this post, I wanted to talk about the mega-best-selling authors, you know the ones that I’m talking about, the ones who seem to have 121626 books out and everyone of them has been on the NYT Bestseller list. I don’t know what wizardry these people are performing! We all know the authors I’m talking about: Danielle Steele, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Dan Brown and Wilbur Smith (who, fun fact, was born in what was then called Northern Rhodesia which is now called Zambia (my country!) and etc..

So now we’re at the reason I’m writing this post. I honestly have never read a single book by any of those authors. Why? Because all that fame kinda intimidated me. I mean there must be a reason why these authors are so popular and why their books seem to sell so well. Personally I feel like I wouldn’t even know where to start. Its like these authors have such huge followings and I feel like  I would start to question everything about my reading tastes if I read one of them and ended up hating them. What do you think?

Another reason I tend to shy away from these authors is the fact that they all seem to keep publishing the same type of books over again . I get sticking to what works  but mixing it up a little can’t hurt right? But I’m just talking from an outside perspective, I don’t know how I’d actually feel if I read these authors…

Anyway this entire post was basically an excuse to ask for recommendations. If you know good books that would introduce to to any of the authors I mentioned above, let me know in the comments!

Lets Talk!

Have you read any of the above mentioned authors? If so do they really deserve to be mega-best-sellers?




Authors Adding More Books to “Finished” Work

This week I wanted to have a discussion about authors adding more work to their “finished” stories. If you don’t know what I’m talking about lemme offer up examples to help explain what I mean; so we had the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This book was a standalone then a few years later Jenny Han announces she’s writing two more sequels to the story and all of a sudden it becomes a trilogy. We have The Selection Trilogy that was of course three books until Keira Cass announced she was adding two more books to the series (The Heir and The Crown) and it became a quintet. And of course we have the Harry Potter series that was supposed to be 7 books until J. K. Rowling announced Cursed Child (the 8th story!), speaking of J.K.R. did you know the Fantastic Beasts movies that were supposed to be a trilogy will now be a series of 5 films. Continue reading “Authors Adding More Books to “Finished” Work”

Diversity in Books

I know you all know (or at least I think you all know) that I’m black, African, dark skinned, colored – whatever you want to call it – and an avid reader of young adult fiction. I have participated and listened to people participate in the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement but I thought I would share with you guys some thoughts and feels I’ve had about this whole discussion.

I’ll jump right in and say; my problem with this whole discussion/movement is that I’ve noticed a sort of cycle between readers and authors/publishers. Continue reading “Diversity in Books”

Is Audiobooking Really Booking?

I know this will come off as a bit of a rant but please bear with me!

I’ll just jump right in, I know a lot of readers consider audiobooking as “cheating”, you know a way to avoid actually reading but still maintain your street-cred as a book lover. I think I would compare the stigma (though I think stigma is a bit too strong a word) to the way most readers react when a non-reader says they would rather watch the movie than read the book. In my opinion those two experiences are totally different (and I won’t be getting into that lest I get derailed). Continue reading “Is Audiobooking Really Booking?”