Movie Talk ~ To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Let’s just ignore my umm 4000 year disappearance and just talk about the cutest movie to hit the interwebs. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! Watched it you guys and I only have one word; Loved it! That was two but gah! I just finished watching it and had to spew immediately! You guys it was the cutest, most almost perfect adaptation of the best high-school romance novel ever! I will bite you if you disagree.


Y’all amma assume we’ve all watched it (umm Netflix = air) so I wanna hear everyone’s thoughts because I really really liked it. One thing was so clear to me as I watched thing and that was that the movie has the spirit of the book, if that makes sense. This movie was so cute it was like watching a unicorn poop out rainbows.

T.A.T.B.I.L.B. is such a faithful adaptation… but come on, it’s Netflix so how crazy a direction could they have steered it, plus it’s T.A.T.B.I.L.B. where else could this story have gone except down the same path. Right?

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Spotlight: 2017 Authors Talk About it Book Contest

ataiAttention all writers, would-be writers and old-time writers…. Are you looking for recognition/credibility for your work? The Authors Talk About it Book Award Contest (henceforth referred to as ATAI) is just the thing you need! A little bit about the contest:

The ATAI Book Award Contest is a great opportunity for authors (both published and unpublished) who are looking for recognition for their work. Basically you submit a book to be read and critiqued by a team of professionals and the best book is crowned the best and prizes are given accordingly (for more details on this visit the official website).

First things first if you want to enter; you have to be 18 years old and above. And the book entry fee is $35 (a small price to pay for fame and glory is it not 😉😉😉?!)

Entering the contest automatically grants you a 250-350 word critique review by the ATAI team to use however you like. A 3-5 star worthy book earns you promotion across all social media owned by the ATAI team with a combined following of 40, 000 and the actual contest website!

What if you win? Well, the grand-prize winner gets their work promoted across social media platforms owned by the ATAI team and so much more which is listed on the official website)

Thinking of entering? There are plenty of categories to enter your book under and each of these category entries are judged. The first place winners of each category get some pretty amazing deals that can be found on the contest page. Even the finalists are rewarded so it’s sweet deals all around…

ataiThe deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2017 so there is still quite a bit of time to get your work in order  and submit it!

There is really so much more to this contest so visit the official website [here] to get more in depth information! You can also check out the contests’ facebook page to answer questions you might have…


The Girl on the Train Movie Adaptation | Lets Review

Where to even begin…

The Girl on the Train… This movie adaptation was just so… so dull. Honestly I wasn’t even expecting much because this is The Girl on the Train we’re talking about (not the most action packed book out there) but the sheer bordom I felt when watching this movie much have been at a record level.

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