Harry Potter Book Tag

So I was tagged to do this by Kirsty from Kirsty’s Book Reviews y’all should check out that lovely blog! Thanks to Bookidote also for creating this tag! The only rule of this tag is that you can’t use any of the Harry Potter books as answers.


A book in which you found the theme interesting but you’d like to rewrite it.


The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon: Overall I liked this book but I think the author bit of more than she could chew trying to juggle are the “heavy” themes covered in this book. I understand not all people feel this way but these are just my opinion so if I could re-write this book I definitely would. Continue reading “Harry Potter Book Tag”


The Sims Book Tag

Hey everyone!

So for the last few days I’ve been in the world biggest blogging slump, all I could seem to do was watch YouTube covered in layers and layers of blankies because its soo freaking cold on my side of the world. Anyway while on booktube I discovered The Sims Book tag which was created by Hails Hearts Nyc and since it turns out that I love The Sims I decided to do this because it seemed like a really fun way to get out of my blogging slump. If you don’t play the sims you probably won’t get any of the references but I hope you still enjoy this post! Virtual high five to all Sims players reading this! Okay lets get started:


The original Sims – The best author debut.


I know there are some pretty awesome debuts out in the world but All The Bright Places is one of the best in my books. It completely shattered my heart and put it back together. I literally have no words to express how much this book means to me. I know people have issues with mental illness books but in my opinion this book dealt with it really well and thats an amazing feat for a debut author. Continue reading “The Sims Book Tag”

#TomeTopple Readathon


Yay my first readathon!!! So I stumbled across this Readathon/challenge on YouTube (Sam @ ThoughtsonTomes channel) a few days ago and now I’m really excited to participate. The concept of this readathon is to read as many of the largest books that have been sitting on our TBR pile (500+ pages) because we tend to skip over the behemoths simply because they require too much commitment when there are other smaller (and thus faster) books to read!

The readathon takes place from midnight of June 5th to midnight of June 19th (about two weeks). The readathon comes with optional challenges (which I’m trying to figure out if I want to do). The challenges are:

  1. Read more than one big book
  2. Take a graphic novel break
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series.
  4. Read over 500 pages in one week
  5. Read an adult novel

So this is the hard part – choosing! These are the tomes that have been on my TBR for the longest time:

The Summer Gardens by Paullina Simons (742 pages pp.):


If you’ve been reading my posts for a while then you should know how much I loved The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander. The only thing keeping me from finishing this series is the size of the last book (The Summer Garden) even though I know I’ll love it.

Illuminae by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman (599 pages)


Oh man, I’ve had this on my TBR for months now. Its such a gorgeous book but those 599 pages kept putting me off so this is the perfect method to finally reading this.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (869 pages pp.)


This is a book I’ve wanted to read only because of all the hype. I restrained myself from watching the TV show because I wanted to read this first. What better time than the TomeTopple to finally do just that!

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (662 pages)


Another over hyped book! This one I want to read because I’m such a huge fantasy fan and this one looks like it’s pretty epic so its been on my TBR for such a long time

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (522 pages pp.)


This one I know I’ll enjoy! I read the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series (The Lost Hero) and loved it. I wanna find out what other adventures Jason, Piper and Leo go on so I’m dying to read this!

OK so here’s the deal, I know I could probably read two of these books in the given time period but I have no idea which ones I should pick. Help!

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This or That Book Tag

This or That Tag

Hi guys! I’m here with the This or That Book tag, I’m really excited to do this so I wanna thank Ali @ I Wuv Books who is amazing and has an equally amazing blog for tagging me.


  • Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  • Choose one of the options for each of the questions
  • Tag 10 other people to do this tag and spread the love

The Questions:

1. Reading on the couch or on the bed?

I could probably read on anything with a horizontal surface but if I had to choose though I would say bed because its just so comfy, not that couches aren’t comfy or anything, I just prefer to read in bed.

2. Male main character of female main character?

I’ve loved books with either male or female leads so it doesn’t really matter (not for me at least) so I really couldn’t choose.

3. Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

Salty snacks all the way! Especially popcorn, I could have popcorn all day, everyday… while reading of course.

4. Trilogies or Quartets

Judging by the fact that the only quartets I remember reading are The Lunar Chronicles and the Twilight Saga, I would say I prefer trilogies.

5. First-person point of view or third-person point of view?

I definitely prefer 1st person POVs but I’ve still enjoyed books written in the third person before. I just feel like books in the first person allow for a deeper understanding of the main character.

6. Reading at night or in the morning?

Anytime is good for me honestly – though I guess whenever I have free time. I tend to be really busy at night so I probably read more in the morning.

7. Libraries or bookstores?

Seeing as the the libraries in my area suck, I’ll have to go with bookstores. Even though my libraries stocked good books I would probably still prefer to buy my own books because that way I don’t have to return them.

8. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

I’m a person that could probably find something funny in any situation so I’ll have to say books that make me cry because I could probably count the number of books that have made me cry on one hand so I really appreciate books that can make me cry.

9. Black book covers or white book covers?

Black covers – I feel like they’re prettier than white covers and white covers tend to get messy in my hands so yeah. If black pages could be done I would be so on board!

10. Character-driven or plot-driven stories?

This one is a toughy… Why can’t it be both? If I had to pick I think I would go for a good plot-driven story.

I’ve seen this tag going around for a few weeks now so I’m not going to tag anyone because it seems like everyone has already done it. (Sorry!) Anyway I had a blast doing this, thanks for reading!

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3 Days, 3 Quotes | Day 3

Hi guys
(Happy Easter!)

I know, I know this was supposed to go up yesterday but my internet was on the fritz again and there was nothing I could do 🙈! Anyway this is my last quote for this challenge (check out quote 1 and 2), I wanna thank professionalfangrl once again for tagging me!

Day 3, Quote 3:

“There is nothing like deep breaths after laughing so hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.” ~ Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

So yeah that’s my last quote, I hope you guys are having a great easter! Happy reading!



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