The End of the Eternal Hiatus….. [Part 1]

Adobe Spark

Shhhhh…. Did you hear that? No? To bad, you just missed the satisfying smack of me slipping on the old blogger gloves again. I know my return is as unexpected as Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones or Bilbo Baggins going on a journey but I’m back! I hope y’all missed me (or at the very least noticed I was gone lol.). Weirdly though, getting back into blogging does feels kinda like slipping into an old pair of gloves or an old sweater – tight and just uncomfortable enough to make you feel….well, uncomfortable. But hopefully I’ll find my grove again because book blogging was so much fun and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I logged into this old thing.

Anyway, though your collective sighs of relief that I’m not dead are providing some much needed relief from the heat now that the long night [of my absence] has ended. Yes that was a GOT reference. Can we get a moment of silence for the awesomeness that was season 7, I’M-I-RIGHT!? (Seriously though it’s my country’s version of summer right now, we just call it the hot season [and for good reason]…. *sigh* where can a girl get an undead ice dragon when she needs one…)

I couldn’t think of any specific type of post I wanted to do [you could also say I was too lazy to come up with anything] for my come back so this is going to be more of a rambley type post, I can feel how hard y’all are rolling your eyes at your screen thingys right now, relax Judgey Janae, I’m still dipping the proverbial toe in the water, thing will only go up from here, not down…. like turtles… Ummmmmm… Down…….? Turtles…..? Turtles….? TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN!  Yes pals I’m 74635 years behind on bookish news so I just heard and ajkshylipklh! I’m freaking out! I’ve been waiting for another JG book for what has felt like an eternity. I feel like when the book finally releases I’ll be like Cersei in that scene – like the book could arrive on my doorstop riding a dragon and I’d be like, “YOU”RE LATE.” HA!


In other news. I finally binge read the entire Shadowhunter chronicles or series or what ever, right up to Lord of Shadows (currently reading) so I decided to start watching the tv show because I really loved the books. BUT sadly….


After a total of two painful episodes, I decided to pull a Jon Sn– I mean Aegon Targarayan (HA! Spoiler Alert!) Come on! If you didn’t know this already, I applaud the superhuman abilities you apparantly have that kept you from spoilers this long.

Okay, I know, I’ve GOT to stop with these all game of thrones references now. Man it’s great to be doing this again, I admit I went through little bit of a dark period when I considered renaming my blog, first on my list was Broken Spines, but then I realized how horrible that sounded (I mostly came to this realization after a very traumatizing Google search.)

Anyway lets talk about some actual books. In the three months I’ve been absent I’ve read some pretty amazing books. Alot of new favorites I simply can’t talk about….

Tell Me Three Things and What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum are now added to my list of all time favorites. Buxbaum has such an honest, raw way of writing that I utterly love. Also, I fell in love with The Raven Cycle like everyone else has (except for the last book though. It really disappointed me.)

You guys, you guys I just finished binging The Bold Type (like I said I’m behind on anything that involved the internet or a screen) I was kinda hesitant to watch anything by freeform after the disaster that is The Shadowhunters. (Ugh why can’t they leave the fantasy to HBO or the CW.) But the show turned out to be pretty amazing! Very funny, very relatable.

Anyway my mind is mush now, which is why you’ll have to suffer through a part two of this post with probably just as much rambling when I decide to post it. So chaio for now you lovelys.




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