The Chainsmokers Book Tag!


Hey everyone! If you’re like me then you’ve been playing the new Chainsmokers/Coldplay collab (Something Just Like This) on repeat for the last couple days. That song is awesome guys,  I can’t seem to get them out of my head so I got inspired to do the Chainsmokers book tag. I wasn’t tagged to this but I’ve seen it floating out the blogosphere. This tag was created by Kat @ KatReadsALot.


  • Post a blog post or a video (YouTubers you are welcome to do this tag!)
  • You can copy the song lyrics so people can know where the questions are based on. For those without lyrics, we based it on the title. #Genius
  • Tag friends to do the post as well!
    P.S. You don’t have to be tagged to do this tag! Just give it a try!


A book/series that you don’t/didn’t want to end?


I’ll spend all the days until I die wishing Six of Crows was a trilogy. I just wish we got more of this world and these characters. I mean I know Crooked Kingdom wrapped things up pretty nicely but still…


An upcoming book you have high expectations for?


Gah! You guys have no idea! I actually like this better than the Throne of Glass series (which is saying alot.) I’m going through Rhysand withdrawal (whom I still adamantly call Rice-and not Reece-and no matter what the author and thousands of other readers say.)


Beautiful cover + Beautiful story?


I wouldn’t necessarily call this a beautiful story. If I had to use one word I would say powerful. If you didn’t know, The Bronze Horseman is a historical fiction set in WWII Russia. It follows the lead, a young girl (Tatiana) as she falls in love for the first time during this horrible period in time. Honestly it’s so much more than I can even describe, you just have to read it to understand.


A book you read when it was no longer trending


Gah! Late to the hype train once again… I’m just starting this book and it seems everyone has long since moved on.


A book you wish you didn’t read?


I just read the news that Sarah J. Maas is pushing the release for the finale of the Throne of Glass series back to 2018 because of the new Chaol novel. Now I’m like why did I even read Empire of Storms if I gotta wait another year for the next one? I’m not sure how I even feel about an entire full length novel dedicated to Chaol. Arrggggh WHY?


A book that gave you so much feels


Oh the feels! The feels! Jenny Han just does teen romance so well. The angst, the drama, its all enough to make any reader smile at the cuteness of it all. I was kinda weary about a sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before but it turned out even better than I expected. Better even than the first book.


An expensive book that you need right now?


To be honest I’m not exactly sure how much these 20th Anniversary edition cost . All I know is they are darn pretty and I gotta have a copy when release (the Griffindor edition of course, the [Pottermore] quiz itself confirmed that its my house (not that I didn’t already know…)) I don’t care how much it’s gonna be, I really really want one because you can never have enough Potter right?!


A photogenic book?


This one doesn’t need explaining.


A book with lots of good reviews, you hope you’ll like it too.?


I’m kinda DYING with want for this book. Everyone whose read it seems to have really enjoyed it so I kinda wanna see what it’s all about.


A book you stayed the night up for (maybe in tears)?


Ahhh, this book had me crying, laughing, kneeling in a dark corner. I just can’t even! It was such a satisfying conclusion. I couldn’t even sleep because I had to know how it all ended. I don’t even have words to describe the levels of love I have for this series. Plus I just read the two chapter excerpt for Iron Gold and I’m squealing with excitement. One word guys, Lysander…. *squeals!*

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