TRAPPIST-1 Star Geekout + You Are Now a Step Closer to Living in Your Favorite YA Sci-Fi!


Before I even begin I just want to squeal a little bit about reaching 300 followers. Gah! Thanks you guys!

Anyways the world’s been abuzz about NASA discovering this new mini solar system that could possibly support life (water, plants, oxygen, the whole shabam!) and its kinda crazy how completely unexpected this news was. If you hadn’t heard this news; thanks for crawling out from under that rock to read my lil ol blog (lol)… Basically the news goes that around a star (40 light years away) named Trappist 1, seven [earth-sized] planets have been discovered and according to current investigations could possible support life. So we’re basically one step away from living in our favorite Sci-Fi novels right? The ones with the cool space ship battles and interplanetary wars (Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m looking at you…).

Anyway so I decided (in honor of this super cool news) to give you guys some amazing Young Adult Science Fiction recommendations. This will be books based in space/other planets because the theme is space today, so without further ado:

19807788Red Rising by Pierce Brown 

Who would I be if I didn’t start with the best of the best? Red Rising is one of the best YA Science Fiction out there (my absolute favourite!) so I really recommend getting it (if you haven’t already)



61wgw9cxqfl-_sy346_These Broken Stars by Amy Kaufman and Megan Spooner.

This book. Guys, this book has all the feels. I seriously recommend picking it up. Its a mash up of the best genres ya has to offer; it’s adventure, romance and it also has some fantastical elements mixed in there. Overall it’s a really great read.



Illuminae by Amy Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.


Ah of course I would include Illuminae in a list of epic science fiction books. Duh. Do I even need to explain? Nah, we all know Illuminae is epic.




21793182Starflight by Melisa Landers

I wonder what happend to this book. When it first dropped, the hype was insane now its seemed to have disappeared into the void. Its still a pretty good science fiction. So for all of you who missed the hype train, it doesn’t matter, pick up Starflight and see if you make a good match.


30117284Carve The Mark by Veronica Ross

I’m only a few pages into this book and seems good enough despite the mixed reviews its been receiving. According to the synopsis it has a little bit of fantasy so that definitely has me intriguing. of course that beautiful cover does a lot for it too!



So what do you guys think of the super cool news? Have you read any of the books I mentioned above? Have I left any out? Lets Talk!

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2 thoughts on “TRAPPIST-1 Star Geekout + You Are Now a Step Closer to Living in Your Favorite YA Sci-Fi!

  1. It’s exciting, isn’t it? That there are planets out there that could possibly support life like Earth. It’s interesting to think about. I love how the first thing you thought of was books that take place in space lol. Great recs! I’ve heard some good things about these books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Have you seen the memes about Trump becoming US president so suddenly NASA discovers new planets exist that people could move to (lol) 😂😂
      Anyway I especially can’t wait to really get into Caraval because it’s so pretty!

      Liked by 1 person

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