Life Lessons in Books


This is me guys: I create a blog meme then feel lazy to keep up with it (lol)


*Anyway! Life Lessons from Books is a weekly meme created by moi. The meme is intended to poke fun at the little life lessons books are actually teaching us. I hope that makes sense. (If you’re new here just scroll down and you’ll get it!)

This week’s life lesson is:


In case of kidnapping: 1. Make captor fall in love you. 2. DO NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH CAPTOR. (Otherwise death, blood, war, a bit of witchcraft and more death. 3. Escape when convenient (or when captor lets you go because they love you so much).

Book That Taught Me This?

I bet you saw this one coming: OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon.

*Lessons from Books will appear on my blog every Tuesday (or apparently every Tuesday with a full moon)

If you want to take part in this little meme go for it or comment below about any funny lessons you picked up from books!




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