T5W #24: Trends That Should Have Died Long Ago

top118368Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. Topics are set for every week so to join in on the fun just check out the memes goodreads group. This week’s topic is Book Trends You’re Tired Of.

Pretty self-explanatory topic. You just basically list the bookish trends you’re tired of seeing. Scroll down to see mine!

The Hot-Head Heroes

You  guys know what I’m talking about, its like the heroes of books these days have to always be rash and angry and hot-tempered. I’d like to see a character for once save the day with cool, calculated cunning – not jumping into action because they’re too impulsive or whatever. If you don’t know what I mean here are some examples:

The “You’re The Lost Ruler Of This Kingdom/You Have Mythical Magical Powers That No One In The Entire Universe Can Dream of Having  – so here, go save the day in like one day” Character

Another trope that needs no explaining, we all know it, we’ve all encountered it at some point:

*wait did I just spoil the entire Lunar Chronicles (#sorry *cackles*)

Body Parts on Book Covers (i.e. Eyes, chests, legs, floating heads… etcetera)

That line that says “The NYT Bestselling Author.” on the Cover.

It just seems that everyone and their grandmothers cat is a New York times bestselling author so that line just doesn’t carry the same weight it used to. But who I’m I to judge, if I wrote a book and it hit the NYT list I would be flipping ecstatic sooo… (I just disagreed with myself wut?!)

Song Lyrics in Books

OK this may just be me but I get super uncomfortable with song lyrics in books. I’m probably the most unmusical person in the universe and instead of just reading the words and moving on, my mind feels like it has to find a fitting tune to fit the words because the author had to have put the lyrics there for a reason right?! No. No matter how many times I tell myself not to try, I still do and always ends horribly.

*The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movie very helpfully provided the music behind the song lyrics in MockingJay #PraisyBe!




13 thoughts on “T5W #24: Trends That Should Have Died Long Ago

  1. I enjoyed this post. I guess the thing with trends is people see that it works so they try it as well. Then you have absolutely no diversity and furthermore no growth. As a writer, I pay attention to posts like these. They help me hon the craft, especially now, since I’m dealing with a hero of whom I’ve never seen the likes. This guy is like no hero I’ve experienced so naturally I’m thinking, will readers get it. I think as long as he’s someone that somebody identifies with, he’ll be okay. Hopefully more than just okay. So far, he’s entertaining the heck out of me!

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    1. Oh gosh, I’m sorry for taking soo long to respond, I was on a tiny hiatus… Anyway! Its pretty cool that you refer to you character as if he’s an entity separate from yourself. Personally I think, as long as one person can say they related to your book/character then you’ve done your work as an author (but that doesn’t mean you stick to cliché characters)…. Good luck with the writing!

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      1. HA!!! I never thought of it like that. I am creating this guy, so he’s not separate from me, is he? At any rate, he’s entertaining. And thanks for the well wishes. So far, so good.

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  2. I completely agree with the hot-headed heroes. If somebody as chill as Luna Lovegood had been the main lead in the Harry Potter novels, so much more would’ve been done. I get annoyed at the second one you mentioned because it’s used SO. OFTEN. I easily predicted the Cinder one. With the foot/leg on the Cinder cover, it does make the most sense to put that on a cover compared to the others, since Cinderella has the famous slipper (plus it shows that she’s a cyborg). NYT Bestselling Author omg that is the most annoying by far! They’re everywhere!

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    1. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you agree!! Someone needs to write a book with a chill main character. Cinder WAS pretty predictable looking back now but it’s still a pretty good series..

      And literally everyone is an NYT Bestselling author these days, it doesn’t even mean anything anymore…

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      1. Yeah cinder was predictable but it was still amazing. NYT bestselling author doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore so if you want a book with a ‘title’ or ‘brand’ that means something look for awards

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  3. I actually really like the cover for playlist of the Dead, but I get what you mean about having weird body parts on a cover. Also, I really enjoy song lyrics in novels, I think they add a certain extra something especially when it has a meaning. (Except in the hobbit, the hobbits lyrics are 100% unnecessary)

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    1. 😩 I feel so ashamed for never having read the hobbit yet. Someday…..
      Anyway Playlist for Dead IS a pretty cover, I was just using it to make my point about that particular trend in covers..

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      1. I gotcha, I actually had to read the hobbit for school, I feel like I didn’t like it as much as I should have, but that might be partly because of all the unnecessary lyrics :/

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