Mega Best-Selling Authors…. Are They Worth Reading?


For this post, I wanted to talk about the mega-best-selling authors, you know the ones that I’m talking about, the ones who seem to have 121626 books out and everyone of them has been on the NYT Bestseller list. I don’t know what wizardry these people are performing! We all know the authors I’m talking about: Danielle Steele, Stephen King, Nora Roberts, James Patterson, Dan Brown and Wilbur Smith (who, fun fact, was born in what was then called Northern Rhodesia which is now called Zambia (my country!) and etc..

So now we’re at the reason I’m writing this post. I honestly have never read a single book by any of those authors. Why? Because all that fame kinda intimidated me. I mean there must be a reason why these authors are so popular and why their books seem to sell so well. Personally I feel like I wouldn’t even know where to start. Its like these authors have such huge followings and I feel like  I would start to question everything about my reading tastes if I read one of them and ended up hating them. What do you think?

Another reason I tend to shy away from these authors is the fact that they all seem to keep publishing the same type of books over again . I get sticking to what works  but mixing it up a little can’t hurt right? But I’m just talking from an outside perspective, I don’t know how I’d actually feel if I read these authors…

Anyway this entire post was basically an excuse to ask for recommendations. If you know good books that would introduce to to any of the authors I mentioned above, let me know in the comments!

Lets Talk!

Have you read any of the above mentioned authors? If so do they really deserve to be mega-best-sellers?





31 thoughts on “Mega Best-Selling Authors…. Are They Worth Reading?

  1. It is true that this kind of authors (I can only speak about Patterson) tend to release one and even two books a year, which begs the question of their quality…

    I was a fan of Patterson’s Cross series, which is one of those never ending series (and some day I plan on continuing and finishing it) and plot and quality wise I think they were pretty decent, but it’s true that maybe I don’t ask of them as much as I ask of other reads…
    So if you are into thrillers and characters dvelopment Alex Cross’s series is a good one, following a detective in diferent thrilling cases that take him all over the US.

    Another bestselling author that didn’t make your list is Lee Child, his Jack Reacher series is another evergrowing series but it’s so good that if you like a thriller with mystery and pack full of action following an ex military who is apparently always in the wrong place at the wrong time, I think you should check it out! Not all of the books are the same quality but the first one was really good, so I would encourage you to try with the first one “Killing Floor” and see if you like it! 😉

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    1. Thanks for all the recommendations I’ve heard a lot about the Alex Cross series but like you said (it seems never ending) so I’m not sure I want to take the leap yet…
      How could I forget Lee Child 😅. I watched the Jack Reacher movies and didn’t feel any special way about them but I’m still holding out that the books will be better (like always! 😁). Have you watched the movies?

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  2. Hi, so I have read some of James Patterson’s Alex Cross books and really enjoyed them. They are some of his top books. He also has some standalone books like The Postcard Killers that are good too.
    Now for Nora Roberts. I have yet to read any of hers but I saw the Guardians trilogy and thought it sounded incredible. Therror are mermaids! That sold me lol. Best of luck to you in finding a worthy read. 🙂

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    1. Hmm I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Alex Cross series so I think I’ll try those first and see how it goes.. Thanks for all the recommendations by the way! I’ll definitely have to check out Guardians too!

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  3. I actually haven’t read any of them, but everybody I know who’s read his books rave about them. I know for sure that he’s worth the hype, and although he sticks with the horror genre, it seems like most of his books have a unique premise to them. My grandma has read some James Patterson and she really likes his Alex Cross series.

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    1. I’m actually thinking of trying out a Stephen King book first (something really popular like Carrie or The Shining) just to see what it’s like… and everyone I’ve talked to also agrees that the Alex Cross series is the best if your doing James Patterson so maybe I’ll try it! Thanks for the recommendation!

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      1. No problem 🙂 The Shining is actually the Stephen King novel my sister finished reading not all that long ago.


      2. *butts in* I reeeally enjoyed The Shining! I didn’t think it was that scary but it was an amazing book. The only other book by him that I’ve read so far is Carrie, which is also good but I much prefer The Shining. Carrie can be a bit slow at times before of the format.

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      3. Hmm I think I’ll have to check out the Shining then…. I’m really shooting in the dark with these authors so your recommendation is really helpful, thanks!


  4. I agree with you completely. There has to be some reason they sell so many books! I’ve read a few Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and Dan Brown. I will say that yes, for the most part, it seems like they take the same plot and just change a few things to make it unique. Their characters are the same and you can predict when and how things will happen. They do have a few amazing books that aren’t like the rest, but they’re hard to find. I don’t usually read anything by authors like this for that reason

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    1. I suspect wizardry (lol)… I thought I was the only one who saw it that way because it doesn’t make sense how year after year people keep buying basically the same books! Anyway I can’t really say much because I haven’t read any of them, I’ll try and hunt for some good books by JP or Stephen King and see what happens!


  5. I’ve read a few Dan Brown, some James Patterson and I think one King book (Misery). Other than Misery I have to admit to not being that impressed. Dan Brown books in particular are just a bit samey and if you read one you don’t need to read any others.

    I do sometimes wonder if these authors would be so popular if they were just appearing on the scene now. With self publishing and so many ebooks available i don’t think they would (again with King the exception)

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    1. Hmmm I actually hadn’t thought about it that way. But then people seem to like they’re books and never seem to tire of them after all these years so they must be doing something right… Right? Anyway I want to read Angels and Demons at some point just to get a taste for Dan Brown (Have you read it?)

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  6. There are so many long comment,s I’m a little scared to add my own XD

    Okay, so I’ve only read James Patterson books out of these, and here is what I can say:

    His YA series – Maximum Ride – is one of my all-time favorites. It was one of the first “official” YA books out there, so you can definitely see the difference in quality from YA books now. So if you read that series, just know it’s not like books now, but the storyline (for the first three books) is on point.

    That said, I have issues with JP. He has “ghost writers”.

    Basically, he writes a detailed outline, then has someone else fill in the details, the dialogue, etc.. Sometimes he includes that person on the cover, but as with the MR series, he didn’t. Books 4-9 were obviously written by someone else, yet his name is the only one on the cover.

    He actually does this a lot, which is why so many of his books are coming out each year. Not saying that these books aren’t necessarily good, but they’re not – necessarily – original works. Kind of like how people view Shakespeare’s work, if you know about Shakespeare 🙂

    For me, I can’t imagine handing my characters and my story over to someone else. It’s like hiring different parents to raise your child – but maybe that’s just me.

    Anyway, this is why I don’t like JP, and why I don’t really read a lot of his work. As for the other authors – I haven’t read them, so I’m not sure. I did want to read Stephen King’s Carrie or The Shining, though!

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    1. 😂😅I know right! I’m surprised (and glad) people had so much to say on my little post!

      Anyway I can’t believe JP uses ghost-writers! I don’t necessarily have an opinion on ghost writers but for someone as big as Patterson it just feels wrong somehow…. Also I totally feel the same way, the few characters I’ve created in my life feel like my babies I could never give control to another person!

      I’m also thinking about trying to read The Shining just to see if I’ll enjoy Stephan Kings writing.. I’m a little nervous about it though..

      (p.s: are you talking about the rumor that Shakespeare didn’t actually write his work?? 🙈🙊🙊)

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      1. I am referring to that rumor! Not that I necessarily believe that about Shakespeare (more likely he did what EVERY writer does and took inspiration form other people) but in this case, it was very similar to how people view James Patterson


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