Book Review: Fatal Heir by L.C. Ireland


Fatal Heir
Author: L.C. Ireland
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure,
Pages: 260
Released: October 16 2015
Publisher: Ghostlight Publishing

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My Rating:


Fatal Heir by L.C. IrelandIn a world plagued by the undead, Donald Baines is a common farmer with an uncommon gift: He sees spirits.

When Don is arrested for crimes he didn’t commit – including treason – he learns that he is in fact the lost Prince Izayik Delaren, the rightful heir to the throne of Aldrin.

Now he must use his otherworldly powers to uncover the dark secrets that led to the Rise of the Deadmen. Sporting a pitchfork and an uncanny ability to communicate with the dead, Izayik may just be the key to saving his people…or will he be their destruction?



This book was such a pleasant surprise. I say this because I started reading this book not really knowing what to expect but by the end of it I was really satisfied by the story!

Ugh I really loved this book. There is this misconception that indie-published books aren’t as good as regularly published books, this proves all that [nonsense] wrong, it’s well written, it’s funny, it has a great cast of characters, pretty solid world building, it’s full of adventure, and its such a unique spin on the “I See Dead People” thing.

What I really, really loved about this story where the characters! They were all such fun, quirky, well rounded characters. I could say the same about the actual story. L. C. Ireland really impressed me, I was not expecting humor/moments of levity in the story. The funny bits were so random they had me laughing out loud almost unexpectedly (which really is really awkward when you’re sitting in public randomly bursting out in laughter)

One thing that stood out to me was the lack of sappy romance! Halleluja! Don’t get me wrong the book has  definite love interests but there is no sickening angst to get in the way of the plot of the story and I could just sit back and not have to worry about whose going to end up with who…

Okay I will not shut up about this, just go check out the book for yourself! I obviously recommend it!

I received a digital copy of this book for review, this did not affect my thoughts and opinions but free books are always awesome, I’m I right! 😉😉






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