T5W [# 21] 2017 Goals

topHappy New Year everyone 🎉🎉🎉! Another year, another list of resolution to make and fail hopelessly at.

118368Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on TomesTopics are set for every week so to join in on the fun just check out our goodreads group. This week’s topic is 2017 Goals. They don’t have to be reading goals, they can be personal goals or anything elso sooo…

1. Conquer the beast or should I say Dragon that is the A Song of Ice and Fire series/Read more epic fantasy

I’ve been thinking: I can’t really call myself a true fantasy fan if I’ve never read the “forefathers” of the genre (you know like Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia or any Brandon Sanderson book really). After the disaster that was The Sword of Shannara (I hated it!) I almost gave up on the entire genre but this is the year I will conquer A Game of Thrones! I love the t.v. show so this is the perfect book to dip my toes into high-fantasy.

2. Be more socially interactive both on this blog and IRL.

My one regret of last year was not being more interactive with the book community, there are thousands of great blogs and bloggers and I barely reached out to any of them. In real life I suffer from social anxiety so that’s something I have to work on. I hate that it’s affecting my blogging too but that’s something to work on this year….

3. Finish that book.

Nanowrimo was (officially) an epic fail for me coming at just under 15K words but I was writing for fun and 15K words is the most I’ve ever written in my life so I was super proud of myself either way. Hopefully this year I’ll get it done. I just can’t seem to decide between two ideas I have a sci-fi mystery or a contemporary romance set in my home country (Zambia), maybe I’ll do both, who knows? The year is full of possibilities…

4. Buy more books.

I won’t bore you guys with the gory details of my countries sucky economy but a bad economy obviously means high exchange rates with the US which means expensive books. Hopefully this year I’ll find a way to make/save money and buy actual real life books instead of ebooks/borrowing all the time.

5. Stop being such a grinch.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself depressed… but 2016 was hard. I was constantly in my head; always second guessing my actions or berating myself or calling myself horrible things. All that negativity just made me horrible and affected everyone around me. This year I just want to have a more positive outlook on life but mostly I want to live by the mantra: it’s okay to make mistakes, they only make you grow.

Phew they got really personal really fast *awkward chuckle*. Anyway I hope all of you are having a great first week of 2017!

I just want to take a moment to give thanks everyone whose been with me since the beginning and everyone whose just joined me, to eveyone who reads, likes and comments (you always brings a smile to my face), to all my new and old blogger friends! This book blogging thing turned out to be so much more than I thought it would be and I hope to keep going at it for another year!


13 thoughts on “T5W [# 21] 2017 Goals

    1. Oh my gosh I’m surprised you even know the country!! Most people have never even heard of it lol… There is nothing better than a well written contemp romance! Do you have anything out in the world?

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  1. A Song of Ice and Firce is amazzzinngggggggg ugh words cannot even describe my love of that series (only that it rivals Harry Potter).
    And best of luck with writing!!!! I’ve never been able to finish a novel and I didn’t join NaNoWriMo last time, so I guess I need to next year.

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    1. Ahh, if there is a series in the world that is able to elicit Harry-Potter-esque levels of love, then I gotta get on it fast! I’m a few pages in and so far it’s way better than I expected! (Maybe even better than the tv show 🙊🙊😁). I hope we both win NaNo this year!

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  2. I’m currently on the third A Song of Ice and Fire book (having not seen the show) and I just love it! I’m sure you will as well. I wouldn’t say that I have social anxiety, but I do have a hard time interacting with people, but I find it quite easy when doing it online. You could try eBay for the books? Or Amazon? I’m not sure if it’d be cheaper or not. Also, hopefully you’ll be easier on yourself this year. Oftentimes we’re most difficult on ourselves and that can also be the worst.

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    1. Ahh, the GoT show is soo good, how have you not seen it yet?! I’m a few pages into the first book and it’s better than I thought! The books are massive though I don’t know when I’ll get to the third book myself lol…

      When interacting online, the anxiety isn’t as much as when dealing with people in person but it’s still present so hopefully I can get it under control. And it’s true we’re our worst critics, I guess I just have to start drowning out those negavite voices and focusing on the positive!

      Agh, I tried Amazon and the books may be cheaper but the shipping is insane so there’s that 😕

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      1. Well I’m only 16 and I’d have watched it by now if it didn’t contain so much nudity and sex scenes like I’ve heard it does. The books, although massive, have gone by quite quickly for me, I guess that’s because they’re so good. Uh… Book Outlet? I’m not sure about the shipping there. On B&N.com if you buy a certain amount of books, the shipping is free (for the US, however, not sure about where you live).

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      2. On my gosh, I’ve heard of them and was just going to reach out to them but I’m actually really touched that you went the extra mile to try and help….. You’re actually pretty cool! Thank you…

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