Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Author: Stieg Larsson
Translator: Reg Keeland
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Psychological Thriller
Pages: 465
Released: September 2008
Publisher: Knorf
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mikael Blomkvist, a once-respected financial journalist, watches his professional life rapidly crumble around him. Prospects appear bleak until an unexpected (and unsettling) offer to resurrect his name is extended by an old-school titan of Swedish industry. The catch—and there’s always a catch—is that Blomkvist must first spend a year researching a mysterious disappearance that has remained unsolved for nearly four decades. With few other options, he accepts and enlists the help of investigator Lisbeth Salander, a misunderstood genius with a cache of authority issues. Little is as it seems in Larsson’s novel, but there is at least one constant: you really don’t want to mess with the girl with the dragon tattoo.


This book was read in an effort to add some variety into my reading. If you’ve even glanced at my blog you know I love Young Adult Fantasy. I’m glad I picked something so far out of my comfort zone because I actually enjoyed it.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is absolutely nothing like the young adult mysteries I have become used to; it’s absolutely brutal but also brilliant. I’ve come to the realisation that Adult mysteries are slow building.

A lot of the times I almost just gave up on this because there were moments when I felt almost bombarded by so much information about Swedish finance which to be honest I don’t care one bit about. With all that said though I was willing to swim through the info-dumping because this was one of those books that just nag at your brain until you read the last page. I got sucked into the mystery of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I can’t say enough about how much I loved this book.

I wasn’t expecting this to be as disturbing as it was, to be honest I knew virtually nothing about the plot before reading it so everything was a surprise. I don’t know why I always thought Sweden was beautifully peaceful or something along those lines but the things this book brings to light just shocked me; the violence against women, the financial crime – it was mind blowing.

Overall the writing is simple, the character’s well developed and the story followes multiple plot lines so there is never a moment where nothing is happening.

I totally recommend this book (if you haven’t already read it because it’s got over a million ratings on goodreads!) it has so much depth and covers a wealth of topics that I don’t want I get into lest we be here the whole day!

Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? What are your thoughts?



9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    1. Thanks! I can see where you’re coming from because there was a lot of information older audiences probably found interesting that I didn’t. Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy it when you finally read it…

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      1. Yes!! They are from 2009, where Noomi Rapace plays Lisbeth, there’s the whole trilogy and I am pretty sure you will enjoy them a lot!! I didn’t want to like the US version but I ended up falling for it!haha Still, I prefer the originals, so check them out!

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  1. I just finished this book! I totally agree with your review–brilliant but brutal. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series:)

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