Update: Comments and Email Subscription

This makes me so angry but this morning I checked the comments section of my blog and found a whole bunch of comments marked as spam. I don’t know how this is happening but I’m sorting it out. I’m just mad  at WordPress because you guys were nice to stop by my lil ol’ blog and drop a comment and it must have seemed like I was ignoring you. I’ll be responding to all the comments (hopefully it’s not too late) and I’m sorry if you commented on something and I didn’t respond, it was not intentional! I have the Blogger Commenting Back button in my sidebar and I didn’t put it there for funsies.

Anyway, another issues I discovered while going through these comments was that people were trying to subscribe by email but couldn’t find a way to do so. I have the follow by email button in the sidebar but in case you couldn’t see it I’ll make it more visible by placing it at the top of the sidebar. I hope that helps anyone interested in following me that way!

If you’ve got any questions/suggestions comment below or email me at sunsetsandbookfests@gmail.com

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