Crosstalk Book Tag

The Crosstalk book tag was created by someone I consider an awesome blogger and buddy; Jay Alonzo (A Lovelorn Virgo). Jay thanks for tagging me! This tag is based on the book Crosstalk by Connie Willis (which I haven’t read yet but tags are fun to do so what the heck I’m doing it!)

Jumping right in:

“IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.” A book you can’t like no matter how much you want to.

Don’t kill me but this one goes to The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith.


I really really want to like this book because it’s by J. K. Rowling and I’ve tried picking it up on multiple occasions but can only get through a couple of pages at a time. The entire book just makes my brain hurt because the writing just feels so dense and the words – there was just, So. Many. Words. Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling) had a little too much fun with her keyboard and thesaurus when writing this book.

“I CAN READ YOUR MIND, REMEMBER?” Your favorite telepathic character.

I’m tempted to just say Edward (from Twilight) and just get on with it but I’ll pick another character who just so happens to also be a Stephanie Mayer creation, Wanda from The Host, she counts as telepathic right?

“I TOLD YOU IT WAS A CESSPOOL IN THERE.” A dirty, evil, twisted or corrupt book.


I don’t read many “dark” books so this one is a little tricky. I think I’ll go with Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams for this one. Its dark and twisted and I love it!

“UIC – UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES” A book/series that had a huge/unexpected effect on you.

I’m soooo tempted to say Harry Potter. I’ve never done a tag where Harry Potter doesn’t find a way to squeeze his way in there BUT for the sake of originality:
The Bronze Horseman series by Paullina Simons. This was my first foray into historical fiction and I thought I would be so bored because I’ve never really been interested in world history but to see it all laid out like that, it just awakened something in me while teaching me so much.

“TELEPATHY’S A TERRIBLE IDEA.” A book/series with too much POVs for you.

Hmmm, I’ve never really read a book where the amount of POVs bothered me.

“‘TIS A FEELING I HAVE IN MY BONES.” One of your most anticipated releases.


Y’all know I’m obsessed with Seanan McGuire’s short story Every Heart a Doorway so when I heard this was a series and another short story was coming out I was ecstatic. Down Among the Sticks and Bones is out June 2017 and I can’t stop flailing with excitement.

“FIND YOURSELF A FOINE IRISH LAD.” A book/series that your best friend likes but you don’t.


My best friend doesn’t read. At all. If I remember correctly, the only book she’s ever gotten within ten inches of (before running away screaming) was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and that book makes me cringe. Tween me would’ve probably liked it though.

“KEEP OUT. THIS MEANS YOU.” A fictional character who is interfering and meddlesome

King Edward from My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows but thats why we love him.

“IT NEVER RAINS BUT IT POURS.” A book that keeps getting worse as the story progresses.

I’ll pick a book series instead. The Dorothy Must Die series by Daniel Paige went downhill really fast for me.

“WWHLD – WHAT WOULD HEDY LAMARR DO?” Pick an author whose books you think deserve more credit.


Definitely Elise Kova, her Air Awakens series is da bomb but it’s totally underhyped in my opinion.

I tag some blogger buds (that rhymed.. right?!):

Marrill | Kirsty | Silvia | Jacquie

*You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!


6 thoughts on “Crosstalk Book Tag

  1. Wheee!!! I’m so glad that someone else did this tag. I had so much fun reading through all your answers. Plus I totally agree with you on Elise Kova. She deserves a lot more praise. Admittedly, I hated Air Awakens at first attempt but then I decided to pick it up again and eventually grew to love Vhalla and the rest of the characters, and the entire series as a whole.

    And thanks for thinking me awesome! You’re pretty awesome yourself too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gah, I’m stuck on book two so I can’t say anything about the entire Air Awakens series yet (😅 🙈🙈#shame!)…
      And thank you, I really appreciate that you think the same of me 😊😊


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