Life Lessons in Y.A.

Hi everybody!

So yesterday I finished reading Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (review-coming-soon) and ever since then I had the silly bright idea to create this new meme on my blog! The whole point of this meme is to list a ‘lesson’ that a Y.A. book taught me. I’m probably not making much sense so it would be easier if I just showed you guys instead:

Lesson #1:

Ladies when a guy says he’s ready to settle down with you, someone is going to die.

Book That Taught Me This?

CROOKED KINGOM by Leigh Bardugo and CROWN OF MIDNIGHT by Sarah J. Maas. #NoSpoilers but if you’ve read these books you know what I’m taking about 😉😉

So I’ll be doing this every Tuesday and I hope you guys think it’s funny! If you’ve noticed my absence I hit the biggest blogging slump and nothing makes sense anymore but I’m slowly crawling out of the dark abyss that is Bachelor in Paradise so more blog posts to come!


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