I Finally Got It Too!!

Yes this is about Harry Potter if you hadn’t already guessed. My copy finally came in and I am flipping out!!! (Forgive my poor photography). I just realised I never properly expressed how much I was excited for this and to finally have it in my hands after all these months is unbelievable. An 8th story is something I never thought would ever happen and I’m pretty nervous about the whole script thing, I just hope it won’t be too wierd reading it in that format! I mean what if it ends up being horrible!  What if J. K. Rowling messed everything up?! I guess I’ll just have to see!


Anyway later! I’m just going to go back to flailing around in excitement (I think people are starting to worry for sanity) Honestly if I didn’t have university classes I literally wouldn’t leave my room until I was done reading this. Gah I hope everyone is having a blast! Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “I Finally Got It Too!!

  1. Hope you enjoy it! I saw it at waterstones but am hesitant to read it because I feel like the story ended in book 7. The reviews have been pretty mixed but I’ll probably succumb to reading it at some point because its all I see my instagram feed! lol.

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    1. I honestly didn’t even care! As soon as I could pre-order it I did because it’s Potter and I would take it anyway it came… Anyway it’s actually pretty good, you should give it a try someday! 😊


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