Top 5 Favorite Books Outside My Comfort Zone (also known as Fantasy)

Its Friday…. Wait its Friday?! Whoops, This was supposed to be my Top 5 Wednesday post but sadly its not Wednesday anymore! The reason this didn’t go up then was because I was super busy – my family is currently moving across country so in the midst of all the packing and chaos I couldn’t find any spare time t0 type up this post (better late than never though right). Anyway I might not be blogging as frequently because of the whole moving situation but as soon as I’m settled into the new house I’ll be back full force!

Anyway, I’m sure you guys know by now that I love, love, love fantasy. Once in a while I do pick up books from other genres so without further ado here are some of my favorite non fantasy/si-fi/dystopian books:

The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons


Number one of course is going to be The Bronze Horseman. One of my all time favorite books. I don’t know what I was thinking the day I decided to pick this up but I know I was definitely in the mood for something new. I’ve never really been into historical fiction but this book opened up my mind to all the possibilities! Basically it’s about two people who meet right at the beginning of world war two, both as different as two people can be from each other, against all odds they fall in love but can their love endure all the horrors of war?

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


Number two is Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. My first Colleen Hoover book!! I know they get a lot of mixed reviews but I am personally a huge fan of her books. If I hadn’t picked this up on a whim, I would have never known what a glorious writer Colleen Hoover is. What makes this book unique in my eyes is the fact that it is told in alternate perspectives of two characters; one in the future and the other in the past. It’s such an amazing tale of love and loss, actions and consequence and most importantly forgiveness. Oh and sex (who could forget the sex lol)…

Salt to the Seas by Ruta Sepetys


Number three is Salt to the Sea, another historical fiction book. This one is on my list because not only was it outside my comfort zone it was also such an amazing story and a great learning experience.

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


Come on we all watched and loved the movie right?! (If you haven’t by now whats wrong with you?! It’s Ann Hathaway!! And Meryl freaking Streep!) Did you know there was a book??

You know I didn’t even know this was a book until I stumbled upon it on goodreads one day. I loved the movie and figured what the heck and went ahead and bought it! I ended up really enjoying it because it’s such a fun read. The movie and the book are pretty much the same thing so if you loved the movie, you’ll probably love this too!

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie


Lastly this amazing little book. I’m just a few pages in and already I know its going to be a favorite. The few pages I’ve read are freaking hilarious, you guys definitely have to check this one out. Apparently the book isn’t all laughs and silliness though, the author covers her experiences with depression in her unique voice.

If you don’t feel like actually buying the book you can check out this amazing woman’s blog (Hyperbole and a Half) which has somewhat similar content thats equally as hilarious as the few pages I’ve read. This one I definitely recommend!

Thats it! Thanks for reading! XO



5 thoughts on “Top 5 Favorite Books Outside My Comfort Zone (also known as Fantasy)

      1. I would highly recommend look at the good reads description for Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Gruadin that is my favourite WW2 book. Very different to Salt to the sea but worth looking into it is set in Germany but if Hitler had won the war. Very interesting, fast paced and I just loved it!


      2. Wolf by Wolf has been on my TBR for the longest time, I’ve read a few pages of it and the whole concept is super intriguing. I’ll definitely pick it up soon and finish it! Thanks!


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