T5w #7: Favourite Posts

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme hosted by Samantha @ Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. To join in on the fun just check out our goodreads group! New topics are chosen every week and this weeks topic is  Favorite Posts! This topic is a chance to showcase some of my favorite posts (written by me). Ugh I hope this isn’t awkward because self-promotion isn’t my forte – lets just get started:

These are some of my favorite posts I’ve ever written (they aren’t in any particular order):

1.Never Mind My Thigh Gap Book Review: My first author requested review and interview! This was such a fun experience and it will forever be one of my favorite posts.

2. Red Rising Book Review: I only discovered Red Rising this year and it promptly became one of my favorite books ever. This was one of the best times I had writing a review because I loved this book so much.

3. Emoji Book Challenge: Come on nothing beats emojis (or books)!

4. Villain Squad Tag: Another one of my favorite posts! Good villains are always under appreciated!

5. Unpopular Opinions Book Tag: There is nothing better than (politely) stating your opinions and starting discussions in the bookish community which is why I loved writing this post so much.

Thats it for my favorite blog posts, thanks for reading!



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