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So for the last few days I’ve been in the world biggest blogging slump, all I could seem to do was watch YouTube covered in layers and layers of blankies because its soo freaking cold on my side of the world. Anyway while on booktube I discovered The Sims Book tag which was created by Hails Hearts Nyc and since it turns out that I love The Sims I decided to do this because it seemed like a really fun way to get out of my blogging slump. If you don’t play the sims you probably won’t get any of the references but I hope you still enjoy this post! Virtual high five to all Sims players reading this! Okay lets get started:


The original Sims – The best author debut.


I know there are some pretty awesome debuts out in the world but All The Bright Places is one of the best in my books. It completely shattered my heart and put it back together. I literally have no words to express how much this book means to me. I know people have issues with mental illness books but in my opinion this book dealt with it really well and thats an amazing feat for a debut author.

The Grim Reaper – The Saddest Character Death.


I assume we’ve all read Harry Potter so this choice shouldn’t be surprising. Dumbledore dying was probably the worst character death I’ve ever had to go through ugh I remember feeling so betrayed by J. K. Rowling the first time I read this. 8 years after first reading this and it still feels so unfair!!

Sims Getting Stuck – A character that just got in the way.


I get the role Theron had to play in this story but I feel like the book could have gone on fine with or without him. I mean this character just got on my nerves a little bit because his presence forced a love triangle I felt was totally unnecessary and just hindered Miera’s progress in the story.

Simlish – A book with amazing writing.


I’m only half way through this book and already I know that its one of the most uniquely written book I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if its the fact that death is narrating it that makes it so special but there is just something about it that I can’t even explain!

Expansion packs  – A series where the books kept on getting better.


I know so far there are only 2 books in the ACOTAR series but I just had to mention this because the second book in this series was sooo much better than the first. It’s mind blowing.

Sims romance – The worst case of insta love.


You know in my opinion instalove isn’t really a bad thing. The only problem I have with it is that it got so overused but now we’re not really seeing this trope anymore I kinda miss it. Anyway the worst case of insta-love for me was Isla and the Happily Ever After. There was just something about that relationship that rubbed me the wrong way, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other two books/relationships in the series.

Cheats – A (contemporary) book that was entirely unrealistic.


I love this book I swear but the sequence of events that take place in this book are just unreal. From the deal to the plot twist, I just can’t imagine anything that happened in this book actually happening in real life.

Needs fulfillment – A character who made all the wrong decisions.


Kell… Where to even start. Kell is a character that didn’t make a series of mistakes more like he made one big mistake that sent everything to hell. I’ve never felt more sympathy for a character because his life was already pretty crappy before the huge mess he created and it just kept going down hill.

Error code 12 – A series that started off great but went downhill from there.

This series started really great, I loved the first book (Dorothy Must Die) but the second and third book just weren’t as good. In my opinion the 2nd (The Wicked Will Rise) and 3rd (Yellow Brick War) books just felt dragged out with pointless battles that resolved nothing. It was really disappointing because I had such high expectations for this series.

The Sims vortex – A book/series that completely engrossed you.


Red Rising for sure! This book is one of my all time favorites because it drew me in like nothing else and I was so engrossed in this amazing amazing story and its glorious characters. I recommend everyone should read if they haven’t, its such a great book.

So yeah thats it. I’m sorry if you don’t play the sims and didn’t understand the references, I still hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Reading!

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