T5W #1: Characters I’m Most Like



My very first T5W!! This weeks topic is Character’s You’re Most Like. Top 5 Wednesday is a meme hosted by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey. New topics are set for every week so to join in on the fun just check out the group on goodreads.

Alrighty so I know I can’t slay dragons, I’m not an orphan and I don’t have a dark, mysterious past. I’m just a simple old bookworm with probably the most ordinary life possible so what could I possibly have in common with characters from the books I read (mostly fantasy)? Find out below!

Here are the book characters I’m most like:

Louisa Clack – Me Before You:


I’m a lot like Louisa Clark because I can relate to the feeling of being stuck in one sucky place for a really long time – my whole life even. I live in a really small country that’s not that great so I understand wanting to see more of the world. Plus another thing we have in common is our fashion sense, even though I wouldn’t go as far as wearing bumblebee tights, I know my clothing is pretty eccentric.

Carswell Thorne – The Lunar Chronicles:


The reason I’m like Carswell Thorn is because I’m usually the person whose always trying to lighten up the mood. You know, the type of person who always cracks the worst jokes at the most awkward moments. One thing that really relates me to Thorne is the fact that even though I’m usually always joking around, I can be counted on when it matters.

Luna – Harry Potter Series


No, no listen – I say I’m like Luna because I value friendship (and family) more than anything else. The fact that its difficult for me to make friends (I’m really shy and introverted) makes me value them even more (just like Luna).

Kelsea – Queen of the Tearling


I might not be the long lost magical queen of a future kingdom but one thing me and Kelsea have in common is our love of books. Rarely does a book character also love books so when they do I love all the relations I’m able to make with them.

Emily – Since You’ve Been Gone


Another character I really relate to is Emily from Since You’ve been gone because I’m one of the most socially awkward people you will ever meet just like this book character was in the story.

So I don’t know if you read my new changes post but I’m not doing WWW Wednesdays anymore because of the weekly wrap-ups I’ll be doing at the end of the week instead. SO! To replace WWW’s I’m doing Top 5 Wednesdays (of course), so…. yeah. Hope you guys enjoy!


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