WWW Wednesday ~ 20 April 2016


WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words, it’s a great way to update you guys on my reading so:

To take part just answer these questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:


I’m finally picking up this book, its been on my bookshelf for months and it was starting to look so sad up there so I decided to read it. Its got such an interesting plot I can’t believe I didn’t pick it up sooner:

Your greatest enemy isn’t what you fight, but what you fear.

Elizabeth Grey is one of the king’s best witch hunters, devoted to rooting out witchcraft and doling out justice. But when she’s accused of being a witch herself, Elizabeth is arrested and sentenced to burn at the stake.

Salvation comes from a man she thought her enemy. Nicholas Perevil, the most powerful and dangerous wizard in the kingdom, offers her a deal: he will save her from execution if she can break the deadly curse that’s been laid upon him.

But Nicholas and his followers know nothing of Elizabeth’s witch hunting past – if they find out, the stake will be the least of her worries. And as she’s thrust into the magical world of witches, ghosts, pirates and one all-to-handsome healer, Elizabeth is forced to redefine her ideas of right and wrong, of friends and enemies, and of love and hate.

Recently Finished

This week was a pretty good reading week, I finished a total of 3 books. Even though one of them was a pretty short children’s book I’m still proud of myself!

First book I finished was:


I was pretty determined to finish this book because I was dying to read Yellow Brick War and I’m so glad I got it done so I’ll be posting a full review soon.

Second book I read was:


After watching the incredible movie trailer I was pretty excited to re-read this book after so many years and I’m glad to say I enjoyed it! You can check out my full review here.

Last book I finished this week was:


I finally finally got to this book, if you read my blogs you might know how much I’ve been dying to read this book. With that said, I have no idea how to feel, I’m slightly disappointed by it, don’t get me wrong its a great book but it just felt so rushed. Anyway I’ll post a full review on all three books in this series soon.

Reading Next


I wanna take a break from all the Fantasy so I’ll be picking this up next. I’m guessing it about time I read it because its been getting such good reviews and I know its a pretty intense book so I’m pretty excited.

So those are my 3 W’s for the week, thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday ~ 20 April 2016

    1. I’m really looking forward to the BFG movie which is why I re-read it in the first place, maybe your son would like it instead. I’ve never read The Witches only watched the movie and it really creeped me out as a child.

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