Top 5: Places I Want To Visit [because of Books]

Hey guys!

So before I begin I just want to mention that I read a lot of Fantasy so obviously I had a hard time making this list because most of the places I read about are you know – made up. With that said though I love to travel (even though I haven’t done a lot of it) and I love reading about real places in books because they make me want to go out and see all these wonderful cities. So without further ado these are the places books made me want to visit:

1. River Thames, London – England


London in general is a city where soo many books are set but after reading about the Thames in A Darker Shade of Magic my need to visit London increased greatly. I know in ADSOM, the Thames is the boring, non magical river of Grey London but I really want to visit it because its so beautiful even though sadly I’m no magician so its probably the only version I’ll see.

2. Amsterdam – Netherlands


I’m guessing anyone that has read/watched TFIOS will agree with me about wanting to visit Amsterdam, there just seems to be something almost magical about this city, plus all the history here makes it a city I really really someday want to visit someday.

3. Dublin – Ireland

dark fever

Oh my gosh after reading DarkFever and visualizing all the places MacKayla Lane visited and fell in love with, I can’t seem to get rid of the idea of going to Ireland, its such a beautiful place, with so much culture and the people – oh my gosh everyone always seems to be having a good time. Its a place I would actually love to live someday.

4. Paris – France


A pretty obvious one, of course I want to visit the city of love someday! Paris is just wow, there’s just so much to see and do and reading about Anna and St Clair fall in love and see these amazing places just makes me what to go so bad!

5. Long Island, New York – US

camp-half blood.png

Long Island, the supposed location of Camp Half Blood, for some reason I really want to go here (who knows, maybe I’m a demigod). But honestly even though it’s not as flashy as Paris or London, it’s a place I’ve always dreamed of going.

Yeah so those are the top 5 places books made me want to visit, I’ll do a fictional places one soon too. Do you guys have any places books made you want to visit too? Let me know!

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