Book Review: Gracie’s Song


Gracie’s Song by Michelle Schlicher
Genre: Contemporary
Published: Michelle Schlicher
Release: 2016

My Rating: 3.8 of 5 stars


“Everything can be undone.” That’s what someone tells Gracie Brannen, but she’s doubtful. After graduation, she walked away from everyone she knew with barely a word. Ten years later, she’s back. Even as familiar places and faces bring back old pain, Gracie finds hope in rebuilding old ties and forging new ones. Maybe everything can’t be undone, but perhaps everything can be overcome.


I was lucky enough to have received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.

So this book starts out with the main character, Gracie returning to her small hometown Glenwood after 10 years with major secrets about why she left. Of course this intrigued me because I had to find more about this characters past and her reasons for leaving.

This is a short book with a simple writing style, it starts out really intriguing and mysterious as Gracie arrives back in town but slowly gets more heartbreaking as more of her past and the reason she left in the first place are reviled.

Reading about how the secret’s Gracie kept affected the people she loved, you kinda understand both sides of the equation (how angry her family/friends felt for being left behind and her reasons for leaving in the first place) I can’t even imagine myself in this character’s situation.

I didn’t like how the story sometimes switched from present to past without notice, it got a little confusing. With that said though, these flashbacks helped me understand Gracie more and see how she grew as a character.

So yeah I really enjoyed this book and I loved how it ended on a really positive note.



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