Ebooks vs Physical Books


There comes a time when every reader must answer the age old question – Hardback, Paperback or Ebook? (lol)

Well my answer might surprise you, that’s right I prefer digital books! Don’t get me wrong I know there is something special about holding a real book in your hands (the look, smell, and feel that kinda stuff) but E-books are my life.

There is a reason I prefer E-books though, let’s just say the bookstores in my town are severely under-stocked so if I wanted a book, I had to special order it from abroad. I bet you’re thinking, what’s so bad about that? Well it takes three weeks for the books to reach me and mama can’t wait that long for her books (plus those shipping costs yeesh!).

So obviously I started buying e-books because they are much quicker (and cheaper) to obtain, and I’ve been reading them for years now with no problem at all. Plus I can read in the dark or carry as many books as I wanted anywhere with no one being the wiser.

So that’s my totally unnecessary history on why I love of e-books. Thanks for reading this random post!


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2 thoughts on “Ebooks vs Physical Books

  1. I love my ebooks too but am thinking about starting a collection of hardbacks. I’ve come across some really stunning ones recently and they’ve inspired me to buy more (as well as a bookshelf). Weirdly I have no plans to actually read them as I don’t want to damage them. They’re just so pretty 🙂

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