Life Happens || Personal Blog Post #1

So A LOT’s been happening in my corner of the world and I wanted to share what’s been happening because I’m mad, I’m really mad at my world right now.  I really debated making this post, and deleted it several times not knowing if uploading it was the right thing to do,
but in the end I decided it was. Most people might not care what’s happening in other parts of the world (particularly mine) but it never hurts to learn. I had mentioned in a previous post that I live in a country somewhere in central Africa, so far I would say life was as normal as could be… until yesterday.

Let me just start from the beginning so that you guys understand the buildup of events that lead to yesterday’s shit storm.

Okay, you know how some governments sponsor university students that can’t afford to pay for themselves, so yeah our government offers students sponsorship according how in need a person is. Before I go on I would like to just remind you that I’m an 18-year-old girl currently in a 2nd year Engineering course, I’m currently not government sponsored because I’m blessed to have a family that’s able to support and provide for me.

Lemme just explain a little more about this sponsorship; see it’s given in a sort of package (you get things like book, accommodation and meal allowances). I had mentioned before that my university has been open since the 18th of January. You might be wondering why I’m telling you this, well you see this money that our government was supposed to give to the students (as part of their sponsorship) was not released and so the students at my university who currently totally depend on this sponsorship were left to fend for themselves for three weeks (just think about it, nowhere to live, nothing to eat and no text books for class.), it was a sad dilemma. The students of my university tried pleading with the government to do something for three weeks straight to no avail.

That’s when the students decided to take matters into their own hands, the situation these past three weeks kept building up, until yesterday things just blew up. Students decided to take the streets to protest and demand for what was due. The violence that ensued was a gruesome scene, this was not your common cardboard-sign protest, this was a full blown destruction of property. When the riot squad came in things quickly turned into a full blown shit storm.

You might be wondering where I was during all this, well the protest was terrifying for me, all I could do was run as far away as I could from the violence, because the police being desperate to maintain some semblance of peace started throwing tear-gas canisters like it was freaking Oprah (everybody gets tear-gas!) (lemme tell you tear-gas is not fun to inhale) and arrested anyone that crossed their paths. It was like a scene from freaking Saraphina.

Things escalated really quickly and there was so much destruction of property that the Senate (the people that run our university) decided to shut down the university indefinitely. Most people were quick to cast the blame on the universities students for not seeking more peaceful means to resolve problems, but they forget the weeks the students tried pleading for what they needed. I’m not saying I support such violence, all I’m saying is that the Senate should have been more understanding before making the rush decision to shut down the school and kick everyone out within twenty-four hours of its closure. This all happened because of a corrupt government, because of selfish people stealing funds that are supposed to help people in need.

So now I find myself with an excess amount of free time because the trimester was abruptly cut short, I don’t know when the university will be reopened and it’s kinda scary free floating like this while everyone else carries own with life… plus I forgot to mention I was luckily unharmed after all this happened. Thank you so much for reading if have, I hope you learned that the world isn’t always a nice place, it can chew you up and spit you out and you can either stay down and sulk or get back up and live your life.


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