Emoji + Book Challenge


Hi there!

So the emoji book challenge is a fun little challenge were basically you pick your top 5 most used/favorite emoji’s and associate them to books.

The Cry Laugh Emoji:


I like to use this when something makes me laugh so hard I cry. Bookwise I have to say Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, I’m only halfway through the book but it has moments that made me laugh so hard.

The Sleeping Emoji:


I like to use this emoji to piss people off in the middle of a conversation, or just when a topic is really boring but associating it to a book I would have to say The Heir by Kiera Cass, I didn’t like this book, it just felt really forced plus the protagonist was just so annoyingly whine-y.

The Cool Emoji:


I use this emoji when I just said an amazing one-liner and I’m feeling super awesome (I’m talking slow-mo-walking-with-cars-exploding-in-background awesome). I’ll pick Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard because Mare Barrow is such a badass character.

The Monkey Emoji


I use this emoji when I can’t believe someone just said something and I’m really shocked about what that person just said. Relating it to books I’ll say The Kiss of Deception because the plot twist definitely shocked me.

The Blushing Emoji:


I use this a lot when I’m told something sweet or when I tell someone something sweet. So I’ll pick a book that just gave me the feels and made me go awwww. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Her books just make you feel good inside.

So yeah if you have the misfortune of having to text me, those are the emoji’s I would bombard you with. Honestly though this was a fun challenge, and I dare anyone who wants to do it to do it.

Happy Reading.


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